Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blah blahs :)

I had a very terrible toothache today.It was so painful that I ended up cancelling one class.I went out to buy some pain relievers but it took almost an hour before the pain subsided.I had to take 2- 500 milligrams of this mefenamic acid thing.I hate taking medicine but I had no choice.The pain was just too much to bear. I had always tried seeing my dentist but the idea would slip out of my mind  when everything's alright.I also dont have any great chance to be at a clinic for hours and have my dental blah blahs..I am hoping i can  do that before i'll travel to singapore.DO IT JENNY!

I started writing my analyses for my case studies.I am almost done with all the themes.The next thing would be for me to analyze each making use of the Catholic social teachings on work principles.This is I guess the hardest part because i have no exact idea what to do. It is my first time to tackle a case study and I really find it challenging.I am trying not to be pressured by schedules.The thought of presenting my paper to a large audience excites me but at the same time scares the hell out of me too.I guess it won't kill me anyway. The mere thought too that I would graduate with a theology degree is making me giggle.The heavens must have been giggling too.who would think that I would eventually end up being a theologian? BLISS!

Got to Dance is kicking off with its final. I just love Ashley Banjo more each time.

I need to have classes now.Thanks for reading my blah blahs.

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