Thursday, July 7, 2011

Things will be ok

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This self is having a bad digestion again.I really dont know what to eat anymore.I guess it's not really the food that I'm eating that makes my tummy uncomfortable but it's the kind of life i had these days.It's not that my lifestyle is bad but it is really because I have so much in my plate for the past weeks. My thoughts arent really consistent since i have so much preoccupations.What with my family coming for a weekend visit, my  case studies, my readings, my online classes, and my yoga teacher leaving.Then there is already that little excitement felt about my trip to Singapore by the end of this month.There is also my overwhelming desire to learn the headstand and all those difficult poses that Margaux has introduced me too.Now, all these and more are popping into my system and because I'm a thinker, a part of me suffers.Then this is the best time to just stay on the mat and do the savasanas.Boy, I missed it today.

This thinker has got to decide by the way which to prioritize.Indigestion is caused by eating things up even when there is no need to. So, today with a deep breathing, I must fix my eyes on my students who are hungry for my attention.Then there is my family who will be coming over tomorrow.There will be seven souls in the house for two days in my little space and I wish the Universe will allow all of us to breathe. I have to give up some classes to be with them.Now, the dilemna is what to do with this clan on Saturday as I really do wish to attend  Jon's last class.The answer will be revealed tomorrow evening.

I went to see my mentor today and I had a blast. I just had information overload.There were a lot of ideas coming in and out of my brain but the thought of finishing it in time for the presentation paralyzes me.I have to stop thinking about dates then and just do what I have to do. Still, there is a need to set the writing aside, at least for the weekend since my  family will be around.

Now i need to rest knowing there is that powerful being who knows what he is about. The heck with my worries.But honestly, I am still tensed now. Need Hugs!

Got to park.This little heart is trying to say something.In the end everything will be ok Jenny.


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