Thursday, July 21, 2011

on a rainy thursday

After a few days bout with the heat, it has finally rained.As I am writing this, it's still raining cats and dogs outside.I am  relieved and sad at the same time.I know that there are those who are terribly worried about whether or not this rain will go on for days and will leave a lot of areas flooded again.I pray things will be alright.

I had my practice at the shala last Wednesday. I was with 9 yogins.I didnt do ny savasana to start off my practice.I had 3 deep breathings instead.I was glad my teacher noticed that my chaturanga's are nicer this time.I made the primary poses with ease.It was only in the mariachi's C and D that i had to be assisted.I was told to twist more.I felt the strain in my elbows already.I was very tired.My teacher asked If i was alright because my breaths were labored.I knew I wasn't. The heat has been affecting me.I just recovered from my UTI.Anyway, I went on with my practice and for the first time, I did my headstand at the shala.My teacher was surprised to  see me learn fast.I was glad. I finished my practice with a very long savasana.I could still hear the other women doing their thing.They're very advanced already and I couldnt help but admire them.I realized I was still a baby.Im still glad I was with them.They're inspiring.I only realized on my way home that I missed the four basic poses.My bad!

My monthly period is approaching.Moods swings are evident.Body is starting to feel heavy.Cravings are many.I am praying I would sail smoothly while entering this state.Om.

It will only be a day before I'll fly to Singapore.I hope things at the immigration will be alright.It's too bad I couldn't see my parents.I also would like to watch the all star games.Let go Jenny.

It's still raining now.I hope and pray people won't get sick.
Be safe everyone!


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