Saturday, July 30, 2011

Love-filled Saturday

It has been raining again here.Series of typhoons are expected to hit my country and it is not a good news, I would say. Despite this, life for the Filipinos continues.

Being at the shala this morning was heaven for me.I've met new kindred souls.It was pure good energy. Connie was our teacher and she handled  us well.I was totally awed at how my body has become very   flexible. She let me do the standing pose from my full back bends.Because I was overwhelmed, I ended up hitting my head on the floor.It doesnt hurt though.My second attempt was cool.I was able to stand with Connie's help of course.I was a bit shy as the other women were watching me.

My heart was glad too because a new student told me that I was very good. Connie affirmed that I was a regular practitioner and that I was blessed with flexibility.I couldnt agree more.My desire to embrace this lifestyle is paying off.I am certain the universe will lead me to inspire other women too.The mermaid in me is wanting to go on a yoga retreat someday.

I was craving for kimbap (Korean rice rolls) so I ended up dining at Duri, my favorite korean resto in Galeria.I had to pay my bills afterwards and called home.I was already getting so tired as I was still having my period.I did a lot of errands actually today but I was joyful.I had enjoyed my being self reliant.

Ipod's still playing now.Memories of me and my 214 are coming back.There's no one else in my heart but him.I know it was a BIG decision to let each other go but that was pure love.This heart if given a chance to fall in love again still wish to be in a place where purity and innocence abound.Yes, Love moved in mysterious ways between us.I pray he's alright.It has been 7 years.I am glad I had found my great love at a place and time that werent even expected.

There is always that mystery in loving.The wonder of being led to each other's arms...then let go.What remains is my heart that is so happy that I have met him.I have no regrets.I feel so blessed.I am grateful even after 7 years.

Stay in love everyone!Dont hold on too much.Real love happens when one learns to let go.


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