Friday, July 1, 2011

Amy's Day

with the cake I gave her
Today is Amy's birthday.I am so grateful that she chose to celebrate it with me and with his brother Donn.The three of us invaded DADS in Greenhills.It was my first time there and believe me I couldnt eat more than what my belly could contain.It was a buffet lunch and I guess i had eaten much. Amy and Donn urged me to eat more but I didnt have anymore the strength to do so.I opted for seafood and vegetarian dishes.I loved the Filipino delicacies too.I also had the taste of some Japanese variety.I realized one thing though...Buffet isnt really for me.I am not a big eater and paying much isnt really worth it. Here are some photos of that great day.

ahhh fruits
japanese variety

stir fry veggies


cute dessert of i dont know the name



ice cream yey!

me, amy and donn

crabs, shrimp, fish and first dish
I am glad for today.I wish my dear friend Amy a very happy birthday.I am very appreciative of the friendship we've shared all this time.She's like a family to me already.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY again my friend.

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