Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My family's visit

upon arrival, @Savory Chicken
My weekend was very busy as I had to attend to my family who came for a short visit.My brother and I had to take care of their needs.The 8 of us confined ourselves in my little abode.It was a riot as expected.The very energetic clan gathered so there was no time wasted.Conversations about life overwhelmed the place.There were times that i got so annoyed as I was already showing signs of a bad health.It was my first time after so many years that we had done such a get together.Most of the time we were caught sharing meals.Back at home, though we were in one house we didnt get to eat at the table together as we were also very busy with individual affairs.I was very glad for the mealtime   that we shared over the weekend.

Papa and Mama
It was only during this visit that I clearly noticed how my parents aged a lot. Papa, who was the usual active person is thinning.Mama has been limping too. My heart until now aches as I want so much for them to be healthy always. I can only do what i can to really help them ease their lives.

My sisters are  also grown ups now.Despite their  still fun loving nature, there is always that sense of adulthood in them.Their sons are already growing.They need to grow more than these bunch of gigglers.

with my sisters, Dynah and Doreen
I am alone again in my sanctuary.I have missed the voices of the people here.I have missed my nephews' bantering, my sisters' annoying remarks, my parents' bickering and of course my brothers pestering me at times.These are all in a good way, of course.

What is family for me then?
Simply it is a unit of unique individuals. The imperfections that we have are what make this family click.I wish for more moments like last  weekend.

with Mama and Bro boyet watching PBA games

with my nephews,Andhy and goodie


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