Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday high and low


I arrived just in time for the yoga class today and I saw Nature outside the shala.She introduced me to B, a teacher from YM MakatiI saw unfamiliar faces when I entered.It was B who facilitated the practice and Nature just assisted. I honestly felt sluggish as the practice progressed.I was not used to the people practicing with me, moreso, the teacher.She's a good teacher actually but I was used with the personal tutelage of my original teachers.Nature was kind enough to assist me often.I have missed Jon.I have missed that voice.I have missed the encouragement coupled with a firm and strict demeanor.I was glad another Jennifer was practicing with me.I had company.I ended the practice grateful that I survived despite my sluggishness.(Is this the right term?)


I had lunch a The Pancake House and  had tuna sandwich again with the delicious carrot shake.Afterwards, i went shopping for a nice bag, some cosmetics and of course my food.I am going to travel soon hopefully so I bought some of the basics.

I was already so tired when I was inside the taxi. I ended up opening the window and not able to close it back. The driver thankfully was understanding.As I entered my house, I noticed something on the floor,It was a letter from World Vision.As I opened it, I saw that it was the progress report of the child I am sponsoring.He is Lowell Android Candido.I was a teary eyed because I felt I have done something great in this world.With the little amount I give every month, I am able to help a soul go to school.I know I could still do more.Part of my plan is to send him some items he needs in school and for himself.I need to save for this.

I felt tired and down today but with the letter from Lowell, i was elavated.I cant thank God enough.

Then there is just the recent news from home that mom and dad are coming back to Manila to watch the NBA/PBA all star games.Now, what a shame. I wont be with them for Im Singapore bound hopefully.

Anyway,it's another week ahead.I pray for more good health and wisdom.I hope I can write even a bit.


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