Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another gift today

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Hello readers! I have been so tired for the last couple of days that I ended up not writing anything stuffy in here..I guess it started last Saturday evening. The woman thing is here again and I am enjoying my time. I need to stay cool despite the ordeal for I dont want to get overwhelmed by this gift.

I went to practice at the shala today.Traffic was terrible and I thought I would be so late that I ended up taking a taxi somewhere in Galeria.When I arrived, I saw two great women practicing with the teacher.I did my savasana then started my surya namaskar.Margaux was already behind me.I knew she was intently observing my chaturanga dandasana. I was scooping when I heard her scream, "YES! You did it!" I stopped in the middle of the upward dog and looked at her.I smiled and I still couldnt believe I did it.My practice at home was worth it. :)

I was doing alright with the rest of the poses when I suddenly felt the discomfort at my back. My teacher noticed it too.She asked if I had scoliosis and I affirmed it. My pelvic muscles were also beginning to hurt.I told her my period was coming but I just really wanted to stretch.She told me to do some yin poses to relax my nerves.

I didn't do the rest of the poses anymore.I have felt  that my legs were trembling.I had cramps so I did my finishing poses then my savasana.I was told to lift my legs up on the wall. It was more relaxing.

The best thing happned after the practice today. I had a great time conversing with Margaux.It was so natural for us to simply share things not only about yoga but life in general.I guess we talked for an hour.We became very opened and comfortable with each other.It was awesome.

We hugged and gave assurance that we would see each other in the next practices soon.I had found a new friend again.I am very grateful for another like mind.She's very encouraging about my practice.I am more inspired to be a yogin.

I went home bringing with me great memories of my encounter with myself and my teacher.I am happy i have another great person to handle me in time of Jon's absence.

Despite my cycle now, I am still glad that I went to the shala today.The universe must have been preparing me to welcome another great guru.I am blessed as always.


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