Thursday, June 23, 2011


It has been raining continuously for two days now.A lot of places are now flooded.My friend Amy is not an exemption.She wasnt able to go to work last night because she could not pass through.The entire village is riverlike.I am fortunate to stay in a somewhat elevated area.Still, I worry a lot because anything can happen with this kind of weather.Almost two years ago, I was part of a tragic history.I am praying it wont happen again.

I have also stayed in the house practically for days now.I am very busy with teaching and writing my stories for my cases.Because it's cold, I am so tempted to just linger in bed that I ended up dilly dallying my writing stuff.I need to remind myself though that if I wanted to join the upcoming conference, then by all means I have to compose myself. PRESSURE??!!

Finally today, I went out to have my pedicure.It's still raining BIG TIME but I need to grab something to eat.I had a blast chatting with the people at the salon.I went to buy my food aftrewards. Now, i am here in front of my laptop trying to write. Actually, my mind is still wandering off.I want to start my third story now but inside my head I'm thinkg of taking a nap. I am eating my favorite snack now.How about writing later?

Ahhh, I cant resist it anymore.I need to stay in bed. It is still raining on and on....Will it be raining still tomorrow? I hope not anymore.

Be safe everyone.Hang on!

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