Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weeklong highlights 2

my chair
The tropical depression Dodong has confined me in the comforts of my home eating only fruits most of the time.Of course, it's a great diet but the thought of not having food in the house when there's a storm scared me too.Thankfully, on the fourth day the sun was generous  enough to smile at me.I went out and had my pedicure then bought my computer chair (my fourth one), hang out with the store crew for a while then had grocery shopping.

I had two great yoga practices at home too.Classes online were amazing.I was also able to transcribe two interviews and hopefully will have one before Monday.My body's a bit sore and I was sporting a cold but I got by.

The practice at the shala today was also awesome.Jon was the teacher again.It was my first time to see him with his short hair.Upon entering the place, we smiled at each other and I could not help but touch his hair.It was nice being candid to him like that. After the practice, Nature and I kept hugging each other like crazy.I love this woman guru.She's just very sweet to me.We were teasing Jon as he will be leaving for Finland soon.The three of us had a great conversation and I must say, I am really very happy I have found these beautiful souls.SIGH! Jon would be gone. He told me we still have some time together.I'm looking forward for the three of us to go out.

At the washroom/spa room, I was able to chat with 3 great women too.Ahhh, the energy after the practice was just great.

I dislike to write this but I have to.Today too, I decided not to spend time with two people I thought were my friends.It might be wrong but I had no choice.I guess I was not ready to confront nor talk to them after what they did.I hate to say this but when a relationship/friendship seems abusive I really dont hesitate to leave.I didnt want to hurt more .So i remained SILENT!.May the universe bring healing to whatever ill feelings I've got.OM.

Talking to mom on the phone was cool.I've learned that my brother's home.SIGH! again.Anyway, I am looking forward to have them with me soon in my own space.Lunch at the Pancake House was perfect.Fiesta Taco salad and Martini cinnamon Toast just made my day.

Taco Veggie Salad

the dressing

Cinnamon toast
I went home a bit tired but fulfilled.I was supposed to transcribe again but my body just wanted to rest so I stayed on the mat and watched TV then took a nap.

Tomorrow's the commemoration of our FREEDOM.It's a great reminder for all of us Filipinos to be grateful to the lineage of heroes who shed blood and tears for us to be FREE.


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