Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yes, I need stronger arms and legs

It's a rainy Monday morning and I was at the shala as early as eight o'clock.It was my first time to attend a MY SORE class.It was also my first time to meet Margaux, my very pretty guru.I had a blast doing the poses starting off with my savasana.It was lovely executing the routine without pressure.I loved how my teacher watched over me and the other women. She would be there to the rescue whenever she saw that there were some adjustments to be done.It was funny though because I missed 2 routines.Anyway, I would make up to it next time.I was able to do the binds with the aid of my teacher, of course.She told me  I  had great backbends.I just had to practice how to get up from my hip.

Today was my first time to do the headstand too.I almost made it with Margaux's help but I seemed to fall easily.Teacher told me I needed to do adjustments to my vinyasa  so I would achieve stronger arms and legs.They're very necessary to make my headstand and all balance poses perfect.I know from the very start that I've got weak muscles but I am getting more firm each time.Thanks to yoga

I ended up the practice with another savasana.It was still raining outside when I went out.I was glad I made a difference today.I am doing yoga basically on a different class...a Mysore Class.I will surely become stronger soon.

I made some hitches today but I was taught in yoga that there should be NO JUDGEMENT so I am embracing all that transpired today.I'm glad I made it to the shala on a stormy Monday.


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