Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weeklong highlights 3

I was sharing in my previous blog that that it has been profusely raining in Manila and in other parts of the Philippines.Typhoon Falcon has devastated our country.We were constantly praying though that it wont be as damaging as Ondoy.Memories of a tragic storm were haunting me really.My friend Amy had to brave the floody streets just to go to work.Luckily my place wasnt that affected so she came and changed for work.It was a brave decision for her to still go. :)

Abelle, my yoga mate texted me earlier yesterday morning asking me if there would be a class.It was still raining hard and i really didnt feel like going out.I texted Jon for confirmation. He said there's class so  I decided then to attend.There was just some positive energy in me that's left. I arrived earlier at the place because I was nearing my biggest ordeal my low mood seemed to enslave me.I didnt want to go up.I just wanted to shy away.Tsk.tsk.Fortunately my will to practice was much stronger than my hormonal imbalance.So I went up and talked to another yogin who had just finished her mysore.

It was nice to converse with her.Jon went out of the shala and he told me i might be alone today.That was a joke actually.I was amused at the thought that I might really be alone practicing with him, Thankfully Angel and Jiah arrived.Then there was also another woman.We were four women practicing with Jon.

The practice was great again.I had less difficulty doing my my binds.I felt that my body was way too flexible.I was feeling alrigh despite my huge sweating.In the middle of the asanas, I had labored breathing.Ahhh, I was tired. I fought with my body's hormonal imbalance. I won but while doing savasana, I was coughing.I felt weak.I just breathed and I was relaxed again.

We went out together with Jon because Yoga Manila Ortigas had a send off lunch for him.He was so playful while we were on our way.I was very glad when he's like that. Laughters were all around us.Jiah and Angel had a great time too, I knew it.As for  me, It wasnt my first time.I had always great conversations with him.

We arrived at Kebab's Factory, an Indian vegetarian resto.The other yoginis were already there.It was nice seeing the other teachers.Conversation with great women was HEAVEN for me.Of course, there were a few whom i still felt uncomfortable with.I guess it's normal.Lunch was all vegetarian variety.The little serving of everything made me so full.Jon was very happy obviously. I held his hand and just paid attention to him.Things will change BIG TIME when I will no longer have a glimpse of him at the shala.I guess every yogin that day had stories to tell about Jon.AS for me....He is a special teacher and I know he knows that.

We bought Jon's send off gift at GAP then Angel had to go for she's Thailand bound that night.Jiah and I went to watch a movie after having coffee at Starbucks, Galeria. Forever and A day is a filipino film which starred Kc Concepcion and sam Milby. I must say, they did justice to their roles.

It was a great friendship.I am blessed again.

I went home and felt that my head's gonna burt with pain.I felt so heavy and sleepy at the same time.I taught Carrie but had to reschedule ricky's class.I needed to be in bed.I watched Pilipinas Got Talent Grand finals.I was a bit relaxed watching the awesome perfomances.Still, my body's beginning to get tired.

When I woke up today, I had stiff neck.My whole body's stiff too.I am sporting a cold again.I had to cancel my classes.I had a simple breakfast then stayed in bed.I didnt feel like going out.I didnt hear mass obviously.

I tried to do some chores to stretch my muscles.Then a thought about my old laptop came. I turned it on...and it worked.WHEW! I was planning to buy a new monitor for it but there's no need. I am thinking of giving it to my family when they will come visit me soon.EXCITED!

Right now, I am listening to some great songs on my CD.I still feel tired.My period will be coming soon.My body is telling me it needs rest and attention.So i will hear it out.

Ill try writing my third story today.I only have few months left. There will be no photos today in my blog.
Have a great Sunday readers.Rest well too.


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