Saturday, June 18, 2011


I have lived a very independent life for a while now.I have done things on my own. This means that I have made right and wrong decisions and I put all the blame on me for whatever messy consequences I am getting from these choices. I have made myself into the person I want to be..all because of me but wait...

I wouldnt have been here without the guidance of two very important people who are given to me as  my caretakers as I journey through this LIFE.These people are very imperfect ones, just like anybody else.Despite their flaws, they have managed to bring me and my siblings up, in good and bad times.MY MOM and MY DAD are the very first persons who happened to deal patiently with my all.

I have grown feeling that I am closer to my dad than to my mom.Since mom is more of a domisticated kind of woman, it is always dad who would take time to spend hours with me and my siblings telling all those humorous stories taken from I know not where sources.There is always laughter in the house.There are always good lectures from different areas each time.Dad is always the great storyteller.He always exudes that passion.I have taken mine after him.

He is a great teacher.There is no question about that.I admire his work ethics and his principles in life.He does not bend to a crooked system.He fights for it.He says his piece even if everybody will hate him after.He knows what's right and does it...It took him a while to quit smoking though.

I find strength in him.His passion for music is overwhelming,Music actually is what makes our family harmonize. This serves is our link.I have missed the days when all we could do was just sing.

Today I would like to honor this great man.I am living an independent life ..YES, but i wouldnt have been here without my dad's strength.His own way of expressing his affection for us is very touching.

Thank you Papa for everything.For the wisdom behind all the things you've shown us.I wish you more of life's blessings. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

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