Monday, June 6, 2011

Sweet Practice Today

I have been nursing a painful stomach for two days now.I didnt know how it all started again but my usual hyperacidity has been taking its toll on me.I was practically tired but I had no  choice but move.I made a vow not to get paralyzed by whatever negativity there is around and within me.My bedtime prayer last night was a whine telling my MAKER i was tired and i was asking him to tell me what to do about my condition.

I woke up feeling nauseated still and had to cancel two of my classes.I just went doing some chores after eating papaya. A hot energy choco malt drink helped ease my fatigue.My mat was calling me so after cleaning my space,i did my practice at the first floor.I was surprised to know i was able to complete the entire series despite my condition.I was sweating the whole time.My space was entirely hot.My breathing at first was labored.Obviously within me, I was not alright.The whole practice ended with me doing my savasana and just hugging my knees after.I could only say Thank You Lord after that.

I was all the more surprised to see that i was sweating BIG TIME.My shirt was all wet and I looked like I was swimming for hours.A great shower followed.What happeened after that was classic. I was up and about.TRUE!

Toxins were released and I was grateful for that.I just relearned something today.

Someone has been guarding me all throughout.He knows what He is about.He led me to practice today.I didnt even know i could make it.

Here's another favorite prayer of mine.Today I'd like to tell HIM this.

LORD, you know all things.You do all things and You love me very much. Thank you.


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